The following list identifies the services which the OWTU offers. These services are available primarily to our members.


Collective Bargaining

  • Wage and Salary negotiations, including the following:
  • Allowances; Leaves of Absence; Bonuses; Hours of Work, amongst others
  • Medical Plan and Medical Benefits
  • Pension Plans
  • Housing Plans
  • Savings Plans
  • Training and Re-Training
  • Job Evaluation Exercise
  • Establishing Proper performance Appraisal Systems
  • Establishing Employee Assistance and Wellness Programmes

Greivance Handling and Dispute Resolution

  • Representing Workers: Handling grievances from the Shop Floor to the Industrial Court in matters such as; warning letters, suspensions, dismissals, promotions and acting appointments
  • Workers who feel aggrieved of victimization and/or discrimination
  • Retrenchment and Lay-Offs.


Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Safety Stewards
  • Implementation of OSH Act at workplace
  • Advice on workmen’s compensation


Education Services

  • Seminars and Training Programmes for Officers, Shop Stewards, Union members on Committee
  • Publications: Vanguard, Flash Points, Branch Bulletins
  • Butler-Rienzi Labor College
  • Quintin O’Connor Library, including Archival and Special Collections
  • Audio Visual Material


Social Benefits

  • Death Benefits
  • Retired Membership


Public Policy and Governance

  • Public Policy Forums
  • Intervention Into National Issues
  • Major Memoranda
  • Legislative Matters
  • Other Campaigns