Objects – Rule No. 2

The objects of the Union shall be as follows:

  1.  To secure the complete organization in the Union of all workers who wish to join the Union, notwithstanding that such workers are not employed in the Oil Industry.
  2. To obtain and maintain just and proper rates of wages, hours of work and other conditions of labour and generally to protect the interest of its members.
  3. To regulate the relations and to settle disputes, between members and employers, between one member and another or between members and other workers by amicable agreement whenever possible.
  4. To provide for members any or all of the following benefits and such others as the General Council and/or the Annual Conference of Delegates may decide:
    1. Relief in sickness, accident, disablement in the course of employment, distress, unemployment, victimization or trade dispute.
    2. Death Benefits.
    3. Legal advice and/or legal assistance when necessary in connection with their employment.
    4. Legal assistance, costs and indemnity to officers and representatives of the Union when acting in the name and on behalf of the Union.
  5. The promotion of legislation in the interest of its members and the furtherance of lawful political objects affecting labour.
  6. The establishment or carrying on of or participation (financial or otherwise) in the business of the printing and/or publishing of a general newspaper or newspapers or carrying on of or any participation in any undertaking (industrial or otherwise) in the interest of or for the purpose of furthering the interest of the Union or of trade unionism generally.
  7. The furtherance (financial or otherwise0 of the work or purpose of any association or federal body having for its objects the promotion of the interest of labour, trade unionism or trade unionists.
  8. Generally to promote the material, social and educational welfare of the members in any lawful manner which the Annual Conference of Delegates or General Council or the Executive Committee may from time to time deem expedient.
  9. The giving of financial assistance to members when on strike provided the strike is agreed by resolution of the delegates at an Annual or Emergency Conference of Delegates or General Council.
  10. The defence of the interests of members against employers or combinations of employers seeking to impose conditions which would tend to lower the standard of living and dignity of workers.
  11. The provisions of grants and endowments to colleges and institutes having for their objects the education of the working class.
  12. The holding, purchasing, leasing or mortgaging of or otherwise dealing with land, including the assistance to members in acquiring real property.
  13. The establishing and conducting of Labour Bureaux with a view to assisting members to secure employment.
  14. The aiding or joining with other trade unions or societies or federations of societies or federations of societies having for their objects or one of their objects the promotion of the interests of workmen.
  15. To provide within the framework of the Union a Women’s Auxiliary Group.
  16. To do all other lawful things such as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
  17. To incur and pay out of the funds of the Union all necessary and reasonable expenses in carrying out these objects.